5 Recovery Tattoos You Should Avoid At All Costs

Both popular among men and women, these tattoos are mostly done using traditional black ink and sometimes are fused with objects like broken chains, broken bottles, or skulls. When a person’s commitment to fighting addiction to alcohol wins, they mostly get these sobriety tattoos done. It acts as a small reminder of the suffering they went through on this journey.

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While not obligated to share their personal information, constantly being subject to the curiosity or judgment of others can be difficult. If you are an active part of the recovery community, you may have noticed that body modification is extremely common. Tattoos, in particular, are prevalent in those attempting to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol for a number of reasons. Inking that important moment is like a trophy, and it constantly reminds them how beautiful their life has become after that.

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So, for your consideration, here are 5 recovery tattoos you should avoid at all costs. And really, who am I to tell you what you should or shouldn’t get tattooed permanently on your body? (For the record I have partial sleeves – so far – going for full when I get my money right).

  • As with all addictions, an addiction to tattoos starts small, usually with a single small tattoo early in young adulthood.
  • However, this could also explode into a full back piece using elements to commemorate your alcohol free lifestyle.
  • Childhood wishes blowing off the seeds, a certain freedom and new life symbolized in the seeds floating off.
  • I’ve been thinking for a long time about getting a vine of morning glories on my back to represent appreciating the beautiful things I have while I have them.
  • Choosing to mark the important decision of becoming sober on one’s body may be a good idea for several reasons.

The AA triangle represents their three principles of unity, recovery, and service. Part of what makes this AA symbol so appealing is that it can be placed in pretty much any area of a person’s body. There are several tattoos that can represent the exact point in time that a person made the life-changing decision to become sober.

Powerful Symbols To Celebrate Your Sobriety (FAQ)

It was our thinking and our choices that got us to where we are and it will be our thinking and our choices that get us to where God wants us to be. He shares with Guideposts.org how God delivered him from drugs, why he believes it’s not a sin for Christians to get tattoos, and how Christians can learn to let go of their past. Despite his addiction, Haizlip rose to celebrity status as a professional vertical skateboarder.

Visual reminders like a tattoo inspire and celebrate achievement. For over a decade, he has been contributing top notch articles to several top lifestyle blogs. He likes to write ” How to” articles and loves helping people with his informative posts.

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While this may seem obvious, many people believe that addiction recovery is a race they must win. However, this is often not the case, and progress can be quite slow for many people. This prayer is meant to help remind individuals of their strengths and weaknesses when recovering from addiction, and to keep their faith in the process. Thus, these tattoos can be placed in a more discrete area, making them less subject to judgment of others. Of course, those who are less worried about other peoples’ opinions can make this a more visible piece.

Cara Delevingne Just Opened Up About Sobriety and Starting Over at 30 – Yahoo Life

Cara Delevingne Just Opened Up About Sobriety and Starting Over at 30.

Posted: Wed, 08 Mar 2023 17:20:19 GMT [source]

I have already had a rather crazy twisty turny journey since that moment and walking out that door. Not sure what I will go for but I think the perfect idea will come to me, it will probably include a dandelion. Many recovering addicts are incredibly grateful for the twelve step programs that have helped them achieve their ongoing recovery. There are some really artistic and creative adaptations of these enduring symbols of recovery. Many add other meaningful things like butterflies, compasses, flowers and favorite twelve step sayings.


These can be as simple as just a date or sobriety tattoosstamp, or fairly decorative clock pieces. For many individuals who have or are actively overcoming addiction, this recovery process can be extremely difficult. Sobriety tattoos can help ease this struggle, through serving as a permanent badge of a person’s determination to become sober and achieve a more stable life. Any pleasurable behavior, from shopping to gambling to sex, can be addictive, and this includes tattoos.

  • One of the most beautiful recovery tattoo designs is that of a recovery warrior, which resonates with a multitude of meanings.
  • For many individuals who have or are actively overcoming addiction, this recovery process can be extremely difficult.
  • The Phoenix is a great example of what it means for some people to recover from addiction.
  • Additionally, looking at the chosen wording or symbol can help them get through moments of weakness or reach out to a sponsor.

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