Best Ways to Earn Passive Income: 10 Ideas for 2023

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He previously was a reporter with The Wall Street Journal and business producer for in Hong Kong, where he was based for nearly two decades. If you take the plunge into the world of crypto, you’ll need to learn how the blockchain works, what the risks are, and how to make mature trading decisions. If you want to take this route, it’s essential to educate yourself on the nuances of the stock market and cryptocurrency exchange. The key is to pick a profitable niche — i.e., one that’s already popular, such as health, personal finance, or parenting — and write blogs or make YouTube videos or podcasts about it. You can negotiate an arrangement with business owners to pay a finder’s fee for new customers that you refer through your website.

Five examples include earned, royalty, profit, rental, and dividend income. Earned income would include freelance work and regular wages, while profit income comes from product sales minus expenses. Royalty, dividend, and rental incomes are all forms of passive income. As for me, I love investing in lending marketplaces like Lending Club and Prosper. Each of these provides side income in the form of dividends, interest, and even capital gains paid out at the end of the year.

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Interest multiple streams of income by investing your money and making it work for you. Stocks, bonds, index funds, and other financial products offer ways to earn interest with your money. To create a passive income stream, you’d usually have most work at the beginning and minor tasks along the way to keep the money coming in at a steady pace.

  • Typically, you can make between $20 to $50 per month, per paid survey platform… and that’s why I have a trick up my sleeve.
  • That said, let’s go over each of these 3 ways to create streams of income.
  • It’s riskier than putting cash in a high-yield savings account or money market fund, but also potentially can earn more interest — as much as 5% or more.
  • Active Income is money received in exchange for performing a service.
  • The average realtor commission is 2.5%-3% of the sale price .

This way, if one stream dries up, you’ll still have others to fall back on. Since I was young and impressionable, I tried two or three of these companies before giving up. I made some money selling, of course, but not nearly enough to justify the money I spent on products and the time I invested. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, and income streams dry up all the time. Our expert reviewers hold advanced degrees and certifications and have years of experience with personal finances, retirement planning and investments.

How To Create Multiple Revenue Streams For A Business

His experience and research when building his own brand for his photography and for his coaching business with photographers expanded his expertise in branding. Shaw wanted to share his knowledge with others, which eventually became a consulting business. There are many ways to make money, and there is not one that’s better than the others. Everything you need to know about earning multiple income streams and the 7 streams of income.


Toni Frana, career services manager at FlexJobs, also advised via an email to The Balance that having an online portfolio can help you demonstrate your experience and skills in that field. Some income streams require money to grow, such as investing. Creating multiple streams of income can be a strong way to improve your personal finances. Whether you’re trying to boost your savings or build toward a goal, this is a move that many of the most financially successful Americans make. When we talk about multiple streams of income, a second job is the natural place to start. As we note above, for a relatively few Americans this means taking a part-time job.

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Millions of Americans who can’t find more stable employment rely on low-paying, unstable work for their primary income. However, if you are looking for a paycheck on the side, picking up work is never a bad idea. No matter what venture you undertake in life, you need a team. I’m a firm believer in team work, even if it is just to bounce ideas off of, or to have someone tell you that you are off track. For many individuals, this person is their spouse, who also brings some income diversity to the table. Just like I mentioned above, if your spouse has income, try to maximize it.

  • Not only that, but you can also trade stocks and crypto with your Chipper account.
  • A lot of people also dramatically underestimate their needs.
  • One part of planning for retirement is knowing how much money you’ll be getting from all sources, including the government.
  • A passive income stream is one that, once put in place, earns income for the owner without needing much more additional effort.
  • If you’re active online and your social media account has a solid follower base, try adding sponsored content to your income streams.

You may suddenly have tenants who can no longer pay their rent, while you may still have a mortgage of your own to pay. Or you may not be able to rent the home out for as much as you could before, as incomes decline. And home prices have been rising quickly due in part to relatively low mortgage rates, so your rents may not be able to cover your expenses. You’ll want to weigh these risks and have contingency plans in place to protect yourself.

How to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Unfortunately, it’s hard enough for some people to figure out how to create a single income stream, let alone more than one. Before you begin with your multiple sources of income, it pays to do your research. Be sure that you are diversifying your income properly, as well as your time. The more income you have coming from various sources, the more financial stability you have. Become an affiliate for a product or service that you share with your network or audience base.

ETFs are investment funds that hold assets such as stocks, commodities and bonds, but they trade like stocks. ETFs also diversify your holdings, so if one company cuts its payout, it doesn’t affect the ETF’s price or dividend too much. Shareholders in companies with dividend-yielding stocks receive a payment at regular intervals from the company.

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