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How Are Drones Used in Construction


Topographic Mapping and Land Surveys

Consulting topographic maps is essential when planning complex, large-scale construction projects. They can reveal costly blunders in designs ill-suited for certain terrain. Although topographic maps are helpful, they are expensive and take a lot of time to produce. Because of this, maps are not always updated during the start of a job.

Due to their ability to map vast quantities of land, drones can exponentially cut down on time spent visualizing a site’s topography. This helps to keep the project on schedule and on budget and ensures accuracy before the project is initiated. Gathering this information can help determine feasibility and assist with design.


Equipment Tracking

It’s a problem nearly every project manager has faced — losing track of where equipment is located at each job site. There are usually a ton of lengthy spreadsheets involved that can quickly turn into an Excel nightmare .

With a drone, that same manager can do a flyover and quickly assess whether the equipment is where it needs to be. They can also quickly recognize if a piece of equipment that should be terminated is still on-site, preventing expensive accidental extension charges.

Equipment malfunctions are another common issue. Drones’ recording functionality could be used to identify issues remotely and provide visual representations that aid in communicating those issues.


Security Surveillance

If you’ve ever had a piece of equipment stolen from a site, you know how devastating it can be. Having a boom lift or excavator stolen can leave you out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to the survey , over $300 million worth of construction equipment is stolen from job sites every year, with less than 25% of it recovered. Equipment security is thus a very important component of managing a job.

A drone operator can conduct a flyover to quickly see if a piece of equipment is in a secure enough location. They can also use the surveillance camera to see if unauthorized individuals are on the site. This can help prevent damage or theft and identify any trespassers.